Capturing the web stuff!

There were so many tweets yesterday attempting to capture the virtual conversations about the Liver and Mash event that I wanted to try and bring them together as part of the event review. Thankfully, having seen Phil Bradley’s talk about Social Media Search Engines I feel far more prepared to look for them all! So in no particular order:

Flickr –

Trendistic –

Summarizr – –

Mike Nolan’s presentation –

Collecta –

My (@m8nd1) #mashliv hashtag community (courtesy of @psychemedia) –

Hack the URL to replace with your twitter name!

Bookmarklet blog post –

John McKerrell’s presentation – Maps, GPS, Location, Tracking –

Adrian McEwen’s presentation – and a write up

Alison Gow’s presentation and write up –

OCLC Devnet writeup –

If you have more, please add them – and as more presentations go online I’ll get them up here too.

LJMU News –


~ by Mandy Phillips on May 15, 2010.

One Response to “Capturing the web stuff!”

  1. Because I have no shame in pimping my own stuff:


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