Arduino Workshop – guest post by Adrian McEwen

I thought it might be useful to ask some of the presenters to tell us a bit more about what they’re planning to do on Friday so that those who want to do some prior research, can. This post is written by Adrian McEwen (@amcewen) who’ll be doing a lightning talk, and a workshop focusing on Arduino and links with RFID:

With only a few days remaining before Liver and Mash I thought it might be useful to talk a bit about what I’m planning for the “Arduino/RFID workshop”, and maybe start some discussion about what anyone attending might want to do at it.

As the session is only an hour and a half long there won’t be a lot of scope for building grand projects, but there should be plenty of time for having a play with some hardware and getting a feel for some of the possibilities for prototyping with the Arduino board and cheap RFID kit. It’ll definitely be a hands-on workshop.

What We’ll Be Providing

We’ll have a number of the ARDX

beginners Arduino kits to let people try out their first hardware hacking, along with some Ethernet and RFID shields to hook the Arduino up to the Internet or to read MiFARE RFID cards. I’ll also have some pre-written code to make it quicker to connect the electronics to Twitter (either sending Tweets when something happens, or activating electronics when a given word is mentioned – like Bubblino does) or to read the IDs from the RFID cards.

If anyone wants to stay more in the software realm, I’ll be bringing two Touchatag USB RFID readers.

That’ll let you launch different websites based on RFID tag, or have a tag send a Tweet, or…

What You Should Bring

In order to fully participate in the workshop you’ll need to have your laptop with you, and if you can download the Arduino software beforehand that’ll save some time on the day.

If you’ve any cheap battery-powered electronic toys you don’t mind breaking then that could give us some more interesting options for hacking.

And if you’ve got an Oystercard or similar RFID access card (anything MiFARE should be good) then bring that with you too. Maybe someone will build an RFID awesome-ness meter and you’ll be able to find out how amazing you are šŸ™‚

Anything Else?

Hopefully that’ll give an idea of what sort of stuff we’ll be up to, but if you’ve any more questions, or if you’ve got any ideas on what you might want to try out on Friday then leave a comment and we can start working things out in advance.

See you on Friday!


~ by Mandy Phillips on May 10, 2010.

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