Liver and Mash

Hello World.

This blog, in conjunction with the Mashed Library site on, will be used to promote and document the Mashed Library UK 2010 event in Liverpool on Friday 14th May, 2010.

“Mashed Library is a semi-unconference style event centred around the theme of data mash-ups in a library context (“bringing together interested people and doing interesting stuff with libraries and technology“). The first event took place at Birkbeck College in November 2008.”

(The above has been shamelessly stolen from Dave Pattens (@daveypMash Oop North Mashed Library 2009 blog. No point trying to improve perfection!)

Liverpool’s answer to Mashed Libaries will be hitting the City on Friday 14th May.

Following many suggestions including some for funky Beatles themed titles, the name of the event will be ‘Liver and Mash’. This takes nothing away from our Fab Four, however, Liverpool is so much more than the first ever boy band!

The hashtag for the event, and pre-amble is #mashliv, similar to the mashed library hashtag which is #mashlib.

Aiming to push the boundaries of mashed library, the day will see speakers from the library sector, museums sector and local businesses who are all engaging in mashups of one type or another.

Watch this space!

Thanks to for the pic.


~ by Mandy Phillips on March 30, 2010.

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