Capturing the web stuff!

•May 15, 2010 • 1 Comment

There were so many tweets yesterday attempting to capture the virtual conversations about the Liver and Mash event that I wanted to try and bring them together as part of the event review. Thankfully, having seen Phil Bradley’s talk about Social Media Search Engines I feel far more prepared to look for them all! So in no particular order:

Flickr –

Trendistic –

Summarizr – –

Mike Nolan’s presentation –

Collecta –

My (@m8nd1) #mashliv hashtag community (courtesy of @psychemedia) –

Hack the URL to replace with your twitter name!

Bookmarklet blog post –

John McKerrell’s presentation – Maps, GPS, Location, Tracking –

Adrian McEwen’s presentation – and a write up

Alison Gow’s presentation and write up –

OCLC Devnet writeup –

If you have more, please add them – and as more presentations go online I’ll get them up here too.

LJMU News –

Competition winners

•May 15, 2010 • 2 Comments

At a very amusing awards ceremony which finished off the Liver and Mash day, Brian, Owen and I awarded prizes to the mashup competition run over lunch which was kindly sponsored by UKOLN.

With over 20 entries it was quite a difficult decision however the worthy winners are listed below:

Price of Currency – John Salter – (library mashup winner)

Using OpenStreetMap – Roise Diver – (map mashup winner)

Link library check outs with Facebook – Dave Bowker –  (judges prize)

Distillery Map – Rob Major –  (non-library mashup winner)

Local History and rich media – Brenda Turnbull –  (judges prize)

For those among you paying attention, you’ll notice we offered four prizes and rewarded five. This really represents the rich and varied suggestions, and Liverpool John Moores will sponsor one of the prizes!

For the winners, I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange getting your prizes to you!

Competition v2

•May 15, 2010 • 2 Comments

The lovely Aidan McGuire who spoke about Scraperwiki at yesterday’s event has offered a bottle of Black bush Irish whiskey for the best mashup entry that uses Scraperwiki.

The competition will remain open until 5pm Friday 21st May so you have a week to get mashing, and all entries should be posted as a comment here.

Aidan and I will judge the best entry, and get the whiskey to the deserving winner. Get your mashing heads on!

* For those who missed Aidan’s session, you can find out more about Scraperwiki here.


•May 14, 2010 • 24 Comments

As is the general practice at Mashed Libraries events, there are prizes for the most imaginative ideas related to mash ups.

There are four themes which will each attract a £50 amazon voucher, kindly donated by UKOLN;

  • The best mash up idea related to libraries
  • The best mash up idea related to maps
  • The best mash up idea related to non-library activity
  • The judges prize

Ideas should be entered as a comment on this blog post, and the judges (Mandy, Brian Kelly and Owen Stephens) will select and announce the competition winners at the end of today’s Liver and Mash event.

Useful things to know

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In leiu of an awfully long housekeeping introduction at tomorrow’s Liver and Mash event, here are some key things that you might find useful to know:

Don’t forget to bring your laptop – there are no PCs!

There are two wireless hubs at the event which are;

BT Business Hub – 109 – The key is 2179473873
BT Fusion 2109 – The key is 0748458027

Please note: Wifi is (generally) flaky!

There is a charging station which can accommodate 25 plugs.

Bacon sandwiches will be served with coffee/tea at 9.15

The hashtag for the event is #mashliv

You will get the opportunity to sign up to sessions at registration, which will be on a ‘first come, first saved’ basis. Be early!

Arduino Workshop – guest post by Adrian McEwen

•May 10, 2010 • 3 Comments

I thought it might be useful to ask some of the presenters to tell us a bit more about what they’re planning to do on Friday so that those who want to do some prior research, can. This post is written by Adrian McEwen (@amcewen) who’ll be doing a lightning talk, and a workshop focusing on Arduino and links with RFID:

With only a few days remaining before Liver and Mash I thought it might be useful to talk a bit about what I’m planning for the “Arduino/RFID workshop”, and maybe start some discussion about what anyone attending might want to do at it.

As the session is only an hour and a half long there won’t be a lot of scope for building grand projects, but there should be plenty of time for having a play with some hardware and getting a feel for some of the possibilities for prototyping with the Arduino board and cheap RFID kit. It’ll definitely be a hands-on workshop.

What We’ll Be Providing

We’ll have a number of the ARDX

beginners Arduino kits to let people try out their first hardware hacking, along with some Ethernet and RFID shields to hook the Arduino up to the Internet or to read MiFARE RFID cards. I’ll also have some pre-written code to make it quicker to connect the electronics to Twitter (either sending Tweets when something happens, or activating electronics when a given word is mentioned – like Bubblino does) or to read the IDs from the RFID cards.

If anyone wants to stay more in the software realm, I’ll be bringing two Touchatag USB RFID readers.

That’ll let you launch different websites based on RFID tag, or have a tag send a Tweet, or…

What You Should Bring

In order to fully participate in the workshop you’ll need to have your laptop with you, and if you can download the Arduino software beforehand that’ll save some time on the day.

If you’ve any cheap battery-powered electronic toys you don’t mind breaking then that could give us some more interesting options for hacking.

And if you’ve got an Oystercard or similar RFID access card (anything MiFARE should be good) then bring that with you too. Maybe someone will build an RFID awesome-ness meter and you’ll be able to find out how amazing you are 🙂

Anything Else?

Hopefully that’ll give an idea of what sort of stuff we’ll be up to, but if you’ve any more questions, or if you’ve got any ideas on what you might want to try out on Friday then leave a comment and we can start working things out in advance.

See you on Friday!

Sold Out!

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Liver and Mash is now completely and utterly sold out. Watch this space for more information about speakers and workshops over the next few days, and you’ll get the opportunity on Friday morning to choose which sessions to attend. All I can say is, make sure you’re there early!

There are still places for the OCLC Mashathon on Thursday 13 May, and we’ll be taking bookings right up until Wednesday 5pm.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Book your place now!

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The online booking form for both “Liver and Mash” and the OCLC Mashathon is now live!

Places are limited at both events, so book early to avoid disappointment!

[edit: 11:30am, 14/Apr] There are still approx 10 places left for “Liver and Mash” (14th May) and 40 places at the OCLC Mashathon (13th May)

Liver and Mash

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Hello World.

This blog, in conjunction with the Mashed Library site on, will be used to promote and document the Mashed Library UK 2010 event in Liverpool on Friday 14th May, 2010.

“Mashed Library is a semi-unconference style event centred around the theme of data mash-ups in a library context (“bringing together interested people and doing interesting stuff with libraries and technology“). The first event took place at Birkbeck College in November 2008.”

(The above has been shamelessly stolen from Dave Pattens (@daveypMash Oop North Mashed Library 2009 blog. No point trying to improve perfection!)

Liverpool’s answer to Mashed Libaries will be hitting the City on Friday 14th May.

Following many suggestions including some for funky Beatles themed titles, the name of the event will be ‘Liver and Mash’. This takes nothing away from our Fab Four, however, Liverpool is so much more than the first ever boy band!

The hashtag for the event, and pre-amble is #mashliv, similar to the mashed library hashtag which is #mashlib.

Aiming to push the boundaries of mashed library, the day will see speakers from the library sector, museums sector and local businesses who are all engaging in mashups of one type or another.

Watch this space!

Thanks to for the pic.